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Create open shifts with Aplano

Employee Scheduling with drag & drop

Creating shifts individually can be very time-consuming. With our drag & drop feature, the roster can be edited much faster. Simply drag shifts to the desired cells in order to move or duplicate them.

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Shift Templates
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Repeating shifts
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Scheduling app

Access the schedule from everywhere. With the app, your employees can swap shifts with each other, apply for open shifts or submit change requests on the go. In order to keep the team up to date, notifications are sent in the event of short-term changes in the schedule.

Range of features
Mobile punch-clock
Swap requests
Open shifts
Change requests
Scheduling app
Simple and easy to use cloud software for your business
With Aplano, the current shift schedule can be viewed online by every employee from anywhere. Automate the shift planner online and reduce the administrative and communication effort in your company.
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Over four million shifts have already been generated with Aplano and shared with employees.
More and more companies are relying on Aplano for the digitization of employee scheduling and time tracking.

Absences easily managed

Recognize staff shortages early on with the absence calendar.

Sick days
In the event of sick leave, the colleagues can be notified via the app so they can fill the gap in the roster.
Vacation requests
Staff can submit vacation requests via the Aplano app and wait for a manager's confirmation. Absent days will be marked in the roster accordingly.
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Very satisfied with the software

"I have been using Aplano in our clinic for over a month now and I have been very satisfied so far. The program runs flawlessly and has no errors like others that I have tried before. It is also very well structured and easy to use on the smartphone."

- Mary Aviles
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Create open shifts with Aplano

Time tracking

Employees can clock in to their assigned shifts with their smartphone or on a tablet, which is used as a stationary punch clock. Punched working hours can be confirmed by a manager in order to be adopted by the system. This way you keep a good overview of the hours worked.

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Punch Clock terminal
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Manage all your staff over a single platform

A simple and reliable solution for the employee scheduling in your company

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