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Always keep track of absent employees and plan ahead to optimize employee scheduling. Our vacation manager takes care of the hour-accounts for sick employees or employees on leave.

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Calender view vacation manager

Calender view

Aplano already has basic absence types such as "sickness", "vacation" and "overtime compensation" ready for you in the vacation manager and also allows you to add further individual reasons for absence.

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List view

In addition to the calendar view, you can also benefit from the list view of the vacation manager, in which you can use filters and sorting functions to specifically track and evaluate the absences of your employees.

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List view vacation manager
Create vacation plan

Create your vacation plan

You can easily create absences online: define the "type" and "period" and, if necessary, add a note for the absence in the vacation manager of the software.

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Credits per workday

You decide how your employees are credited when they are absent. This can be calculated according to the target hours in the shift plan, the average of the target hours or the planned hours. The option of unpaid leave is also available in our vacation manager.

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Vacation manager credits per workday

In general, I rarely leave reviews..

In general, I rarely leave reviews, but I had to make an exception for this app! This app has greatly improved the flow of my business. Not only the scheduling of shifts has been simplified enormously, but thanks to the vacation manager, I finally have this theater under control!

- Mathias Lange
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Absence types shift planning

Absence types

If you want to define other reasons for absences in your system in addition to the given absence types, you can easily add these under the settings of our software.

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Vacation requests

Manage absence or vacation requests from your employees via the desktop or over the app. In the calendar view of the vacation manager, you can manage all requests directly in the top bar.

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Absence requests vacation manager
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Vacation account scheduling

Vacation account

Manage the vacation entitlement of your employees in the vacation account and thus keep track of upcoming absences and current vacation requests.

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Manage vacations via app

Manage absences using the our smartphone app. Add vacation, view individual absences of employees or the entire team. Absences in the vacation manager can be displayed here on a monthly or yearly basis.

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Vacation manager via app

Manage all your staff over a single platform

A simple and reliable solution for the employee scheduling in your company

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