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About us

We are a Hamburg-based technology company founded in 2017, dedicated entirely to the digitalization of business processes. The software we develop is sleek, modern, secure, and tailored to the real needs of businesses.
Our expertise in the B2B sector comes from years of experience in developing cloud-based ERP systems and cross-industry SaaS software tools. It is thanks to the daily interaction with our customers' business processes that we have a clear understanding of what really matters in digitalization.
Aplano Gründer Tadeus Gregorian, Hayk Gregorian, David Gregorian
For us, the scheduling of services and shifts is a core aspect of medium-sized businesses where there is still considerable room for improvement. Therefore, our goal is to offer companies that still rely on manual or Excel-based scheduling a cost-effective digital alternative that can be seamlessly integrated into their daily operations. We also aim to help medium-sized enterprises and startups move away from expensive – and often unnecessarily complicated – software offerings, and instead, switch to cost-effective and modern cloud applications like Aplano.
Our vision is for customers to be able to focus again on the essentials of their operations – without having to deal with the annoying bureaucratic aspects of daily work. Aplano is one of our products that allows our customers to achieve this goal today.