Time tracking

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Time tracking online with Aplano

Get the digital solution for EugH-compliant online time tracking now, via smartphone, tablet or the computer.

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Time tracking mobile

Allow clocking in and out only at a specific location or at registered shift addresses. Adjust the radius of the clocking-allowance, so that employees can only clock in if they are in range of their workplace.

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Clocking station on the computer

With the digital clocking station, you can have employees easily record their working hours via the computer, without annoying manual entries in Excel tables or even with pen and paper. The system automatically matches the times stamped in the hour-account of the respective employee.

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Time tracking via geo-localisation

Choose a radius around your location. Employees can only clock in to their shift as soon as they are within the specified radius.

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Break times

Let employees record their break times using the punch-clock or subtract them directly from the specified break time. Over the settings you can adjust further functions for specific requirements of your company.

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Break times in your shift plan

Super app

I find the app very useful. I stamp myself in for the shift in the morning and always have all the shift data ready on my smartphone. I can also easily swap shifts with employees via the app. I can only recommend it.

- Lilly Weiss
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Manual time tracking

Manual time tracking

With Aplano, time tracking can also be done manually. Simply enter the actual times next to the planned times or let your employees create the time records themselves.

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Shift addresses

When working at different locations, shift addresses can be created so that employees can stamp in the vicinity of given addresses with the help of geofencing. The time recording can therefore take place via the app regardless of location.

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Shift addresses
Aplano Dienstplan Dashboard


Use the dashboard to keep an eye on daily activities and easily follow up on who is clocked in, who is on break or is late to the shift.

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Manage all your staff over a single platform

A simple and reliable solution for the employee scheduling in your company

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